Правата на гражданите на ЕС в медиите

Бяхме отразени в новините! Искате ли да научите повече за нашите събития,  инициативи,  идеи и най-вече за правата на гражданите на ЕС? Разгледайте нашата колекция от репортажи в медиите (повечето връзки са налични на английски език, за връзки на други езици, приплъзнете по-долу на страницата):

  1. Big turn-out for Brexit talk

    Dundee Courier, 01.10.2018


  2. EU Citizens Rights and Brexit in Good Morning Scotland

    BBC Radio Scotland, 18.09.2018 – 36 minutes in, Dorota Peszkowska, Project Co-Ordinator chips in a few words about our initiatives and EU citizens concerns
  3. Talk on EU citizens rights after Brexit to take place

    Daily Record, 17.09.2018 — an invitation to our information session in Livingston
  4. ‘Valuable’ guidance on EU citizens’ rights – a report from our Shetland session

Shetnews.co.uk, 05.09.2018

  1. Visitors aim to reassure EU citizens over Brexit

Shetland Times, 25.08.2018

Shetland Times pdf

  1. EU Citizens Rights Project goes to Shetland — radio interview with the Project Chair, Mark Lazarowicz

    BBC Shetland, 02.09.2018, listen 19 minutes 6 secs in
  1. What advice can you give EU citizens? – report from our Aberdeen session

BBC Radio Scotland, 01.05.2018


  1. Migrants upbeat after EU Summit – report from the Inverness session

Inverness Courier, 24.04.2018


11. Meetings to be held for EU migrants in Scotland who are fearful about Brexit – invitation for our Spring sessions

Herald Scotland, 01.04.2018

  1. The EU Citizens’ Rights Project – invitation for our Spring eventsAutonomy Scotland, 2.04.2018

    13. New project to give EU citizens across Scotland opportunity to find out about their rights after Brexit – invitation to our information session series in Spring

    Scottish Legal News, 22.03.2018