The right to work is a fundamental aspect of building a life within a new community. The following resources describe when you have the right to work, how you can prove your right to work and what you should expect from your employer.

Every EU citizen with settled or pre-settled status has the right to work in Scotland or anywhere else in the UK.  EU citizens with settled status have the right to work in Scotland indefinitely. EU citizens with pre-settled status have the right to work in Scotland until the expiry of their pre-settled status.

It is important to understand your employment status to ensure you are getting the employment rights you are entitled to. You might be self-employed, casual/zero-hour worker or an employee.

The rights of someone who is self-employed are limited; they are entitled to the pay they were promised, protection from discrimination and a safe working environment.

A casual/zero-hour worker has many rights including protection from discrimination, a contract and paid annual leave/sick pay among other things.

An employee who works regularly enjoys the most protection with additional redundancy pay and maternity/paternity leave as well as pay.

Even if you do not have a written contract, you have the protection of a worker when you work long-term and regularly for someone who controls your work. If you do not have a written contract and you work only occasionally you have the right to pay and safety at least.

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This information was updated on 13 May 2022.