A call for action – We need your help to reach vulnerable EU citizens

All EU/EEA/Swiss citizens (and their families) living in the UK must apply to the EU Settlement Scheme in order to continue living and working in the country -unless they are also British nationals, ILR holders or Irish nationals. This is an important message we aim to get across the whole Scotland, but have limited time to do so.

As a small third-sector organisation, with a mission to help vulnerable EEA nationals, we count on other NGOs, local governments, community groups, employers and others to help us reaching them.

We have designed an especific call for action that will help us diseminating information about the scheme and our free help widely.

We have produced a short text that we would like organisations to consider including regularly, until we reach the EUSS deadline, in their bulletin, newsletter, online notice board or any other kind of regular communication they may have. Even if they do not work primarily with the EEA nationals, they may be among their networks, employees, service users, people you provide services to and/or support and in need of this information.

See the suggested text below:

EU/EEA/Swiss citizens living in the UK [and their family members] need to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme by 30/06/2021 to continue working and living in the UK.  This includes children, non-EU family members, EU/EEA/Swiss citizens married to a British national, students, elderly and holders of a Permanent Residence Card. If this is your case and you need help, or if you employ, support, provide services or simply know people that might be facing barriers to apply, there is FREE SUPPORT AVAILABLE. You can contact the Citizens’ Rights Project at info@citizensrightsproject.org or 07518 926137. We can answer your questions and/or help you with your application. We can also provide language support and offer free referrals to other organisations. We are certified to provide EUSS advice by OISC [Ref no, N201900077].

We believe sharing this will help to ensure no one is left without right to access basic services, such as NHS, or to even work legally in the UK. We are racing against time, as the UK government seems unwilling to move the application deadline – and if you work with vulnerable groups, you will know how difficult it is to reach them, especially now, during the pandemic.

If you are willing to support our project with this action and would like some images and/or translated materials, get in touch with us at info@citizensrightsproject.org.