European Elections 2019

Following the recent Brexit extension, EU Citizens in the UK can now choose what to do in the European Elections 2019. You can now either:

1) vote for a British candidate or;

2) vote for your home country candidate.

It is completely up to you what you want to do, but please note that different deadlines and procedures apply.

  1. To vote in the UK you need to register to vote by 7 May. Even if you registered in the past, you still need to fill in the special form again. Find the guide in English here [https://www.yourvotematters.co.uk/how-am-i-represented/european-parliment] or find information in English, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Romanian on the3million website [https://www.the3million.org.uk/how-to-register-to-vote][if you know of other useful resources, please describe and insert a relevant link here, e.g. this website offers a step by step registration guide in PL: https://www.glosujwszkocji.uk/rejestracja-przez-internet-przewodnik]
  2. To vote for a candidate in your home country, you will need to see if you can

    1. vote in your local consulate;
    2. vote by post, or;
    3. only vote by returning to your home country for the elections, 23-26 May.

What you’ll need to do very much depends on your country’s decision. You can find relevant information in your language here [https://europa.eu/…/electio…/european-elections/index_en.htm], just please remember to check information about “voting in a different EU country” not “voting from outside the EU”

! For deadlines and registration procedures please visit your country’s consulate website [please insert relevant link in your translation here].


! Please note that, unfortunately, some information available online, including some official websites still [18 April] provide incorrect information, with an assumption the UK have left the EU, and therefore they provide you only with information about “voting for your home country candidate from outside the European Union”. It is especially misleading as some EU countries allow you to vote from another EU country, but not from a country outside the EU. Please approach information with care.

For more information, in English and in other languages, please visit the official website of the European Elections [https://www.european-elections.eu/how-to-vote/united-kingdom].

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