Davide Bargna


Davide is a professional experienced in working with public authorities, businesses, and communities at both a national and international level. He moved to Edinburgh after his MA in International Relations and worked briefly for a Scottish law firm before starting managing the Scotland Office of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for the UK. He currently works as Policy Officer for the devolved government of Scotland. He previously lived in Italy and Spain and he is fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, and French.

Davide is deeply passionate about human rights, with knowledge of diversity and inclusion matters. Before leaving Italy, he obtained an Academic Minor in Rights, Labour and Equal Opportunities and carried out an internship at the Italian Equality Body. From 2018 to 2021, he supported the COMITES for Scotland and Northern Ireland (the representative body of Italians living aboard) with the organisation of projects to support the local community’s social, cultural, and civil life.

Since 2020, Davide has been volunteering as an Immigration Adviser (OISC Level 1 limited to the EUSS) at Citizens’ Rights Project and collaborated on a number of activities (e.g. leading the Italian round table to support the “All Our Rights In Law” campaign, organised in partnership with Human Rights Consortium Scotland). From December 2020, Davide is part of Citizens’ Rights Project’s Board of Directors.