Angela Baccari

“Angela Baccari worked for the Citizens Rights Project as Outreach and Link Officer, and after her departure she remained our volunteer.

Originally from Italy, Angela moved to Scotland in 2019. She has graduated in Law from the University of Urbino. In addition to her legal background, Angela holds a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Edinburgh.

Her career has been dedicated to the third sector, where she focused on supporting marginalised communities and ethnic minorities facing social exclusion and various social challenges. Her extensive experience includes working as an immigration advisor in Italy and as a project coordinator for several NGOs in Italy, Cyprus, and Scotland.

Her areas of expertise and passion revolve around Human Rights, with an in-depth knowledge of social justice, migrants’ rights, and immigration law. Since moving to Edinburgh, she has worked and volunteered assisting the refugee and asylum seekers community in Scotland.

After work, she spends her time cooking, hiking, and cycling.”