Right to reside



In here you will find resources on the rights of you and your family members to live in Scotland before, during and after the Brexit transition period.


“Settled Status” – Our Guide

If you are an EU citizen living in the UK, then in order to secure your rights to remain here after Brexit, you will probably need to apply for the new “Settled Status”.

How to do this and what are the currently known key dates and facts? Find out reading our Settled Status guide (updated January 2019).

Settlement Scheme pilot: eligibility

Currently Home Office runs a public pilot on its “Settled Status” scheme. Can you take part in this pilot? Would you like to?

Read Home Office page on “Settled Status” pilot. In addition, the videos and information we share here can help you decide.

EU Citizens’ Rights in a ‘no deal’ scenario

The negotiations between the UK and the EU are still not finalised. This means that the UK might leave the EU without a deal.

However, the UK government announced it would implement the “Settled Status” scheme in the event of no deal – with some changes. Read in detail here: Policy paper on citizens’ rights in the event of a no deal Brexit.

How to apply for “Settled Status” for EU citizens by Free Movement

If you are still unsure how to apply for the “Settled Status”, read this comprehensive article about the “Settled Status” application process by Free Movement.

It is a website run by legal specialists, offering updates, commentary and advice on immigration and asylum law.

How to show residency when checks don’t work

As part of your “Settled Status” application, the UK government will check if you have been resident in the UK. What to do if the checks don’t work? Read this explainer article by the Free Movement.

The article also provides some template letters. However, a full list on documents you may provide is here: Documentary evidence of residence in the UK.

Right to reside – a downloadable factsheet

This factsheet provides a brief summary of the rights of you and your family members to live in Scotland before, during and after the Brexit transition period.

This guide was produced by the Civil Society Brexit Project with Just Right Scotland.

‘No deal’ arrangements for EU citizens in the future

Most of the sections on this page explain rights of the EU citizens who currently live in the UK. Those EU citizens who will arrive to the UK after a certain date (depending on the result of negotiations) will probably have different rights. Read here: Government outlines no deal arrangements for EU citizens.

“EU and EEA citizens in Scotland” by the Scottish Government

Scottish government has published a webpage about EU citizens’ rights and the Scottish Government position on the ongoing EU-UK negotiations. The page includes links to more resources and reports on EU citizens in the UK.

Status of EU citizens in the UK – email alerts

You may sign up to Home Office newsletter about European Union citizens’ rights and the “settled status” scheme. It will send emails about new arrangements on EU citiznes’ rights directly to your inbox.

“EU citizens’ rights campaign” by the Home Office

Read about the UK government’s information campaign about your right to reside in the UK. The link contains a video about the “Settled Status” and some case studies of applying for the new status.

European Commission Representation on Brexit

The page’s aim is to provide information to help EU citizens make their own decisions about their current situation in the UK in light of Brexit.

“Applying for Settled Status” – a quick quiz by SCVO

Do you qualify for “Settled Status” and what is the best course of action for you? A quick quiz by SCVO, Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations.

“Settled Status” – an overview by UKCEN

A user-friendly overview on what is settled status and who needs to apply, including useful definitions and lists of necessary documents. ! This website is run by volunteers and may contain mistakes.