The Scotland Act 2016 allowed the Scottish Government to develop the following benefit schemes. These are provided in addition to those from UK Government e.g., State Pension. Follow this link for more information on UK-controlled benefits.

Access to Benefits: EU citizens with settled status

An EU citizen with settled status can access social security benefits in the same way as a UK citizen as long as they meet the eligibility criteria for the social security right.

Access to Benefits: EU citizens with pre-settled status

An EU citizen with pre-settled status must have a right to reside to be eligible for social security benefits. Follow this link for more information on the right to reside.

An Outline of Benefits Offered in Scotland

  • Child Disability Payment
  • Child Winter Heating Assistance
  • Social Security Scotland 5 family payments – Best Start Grant Pregnancy and baby payment, Best Start Foods, Scottish child payment, Best Start Grant, Best Start Grant Early Learning Payment, Best Start Grant School Age payment
  • Young carer grant
  • Carer’s allowance supplement
  • Job Start payment
  • Funeral Support Payment

More information on these benefits and the right to access them can be found in our Social Security Scotland factsheet.

State Pension 

State pension is a regular payment made by the Government to those over retirement age. Retirement age is between 60-68 depending on your gender and birth date – this can be seen here . You are entitled to State Pension if you have paid National Insurance in the UK for at least 10 years. More information on State Pension can be found here.