Sesje informacyjne dla obywateli UE i doradców

We are delighted to announce that the Scottish Government has funded EU Citizens’ Rights Project with £50,000 to deliver further information events across Scotland for EU/EEA Citizens and their families, and third sector and local government workers, until March 2020.

Outreach events for EU/EEA citizens and their family members will be aimed at informing them of the measures they need to take in order to remain in Scotland after Brexit. This type of sessions we will be aimed to three main sectors: EU citizens living outside the central belt; EU citizens, anywhere in Scotland, requiring interpretation; and vulnerable EU citizen groups and individuals, throughout Scotland.

They will be delivered in collaboration with Citizens Advice Scotland, projects funded by the Home Office to provide support to vulnerable and at risk EU citizens applying to the EU Settlement Scheme, and/or organisations that support, work with, or employee EU citizens in Scotland.

This type of support is extremely important for EU citizens in Scotland who are concerned about what would happen to their rights after Brexit. As we know from our previous outreach and information work, there are still many EU citizens who are not sure about how to apply, or have faced difficulties in making application. This extra funding  will allow us to continue our work, with an emphasis in particular on reaching vulnerable EU citizens and those who live in more remote areas of Scotland.

In our outreach sessions, attendees  will learn what the EU Settlement Scheme is; when and how to apply; their rights as an EU citizen living in Scotland; and services and resources to support them. They will feature the expert services of immigration lawyers and EU Citizens and their family members will be able to book individual appointments with an OISC Level 1 trained adviser, if they need help with the identity verification and application process.

Briefing sessions for advisers

The project will also organise briefing events aimed at NGOs, EU citizens’ rights groups, community groups, other third sector organisations and local government workers.

In these sessions, attendees will be signposted to any relevant materials and support tools, such as Home Office toolkits, and specific advice services for citizens who need to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme.

They will give a clear understanding of the EU Settlement Scheme, explain the changes to EU citizens’ status and rights to work, study, access public services, and to vote., signpost sources of further information and support. and give practical information on the steps EU citizens, and the organisations that work with them, can take to resolve any problems.

*Organisations and community groups interested in organising an outreach event for EU citizens with us, can get in touch: For further information, visit this link.

**Check our next events here.

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